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March 1, 2012

Information about Georgia transportation

The Georgia Tea Party is rallying their troops and getting ready to battle from the vote to approve a 1% Florida sales tax that may go towards building regional transportation projects which are just approved. Is this an excellent move? What makes them rallying against it?

Have you ever visited Atlanta you understand how bad the visitors there. When you have lived in Atlanta quite a long time (including myself), you additionally know that the Georgia government did an unhealthy job supporting the Georgia transportation needs in the Atlanta area. Every single year, administration after administration, the can may be kicked in the future. All while growth continues to be skyrocketing as well as the roads have grown to be a growing number of cluttered. Meanwhile, alternative kinds of transportation are poor at best. The rail system in Atlanta, is renowned for not connecting places it ought to (it doesn’t even go to the Braves stadium) and does not even serve one of the main metro counties.

With all that planned, it is clear which a transportation overhaul is at line for your Atlanta region. This consists of building new roads, building new rail lines, and expanding. The thing is, these products aren’t free. Shiny things cost money to build, and that’s why all of the mayors and county commissioners from over the Atlanta region finally approved a massive listing of projects to develop once a regional tax is approved by the voters. This by itself was obviously a massive undertaking since several of such people are from opposite sides in the aisle. They came together though and also got it done, simply because they realize the situation the Atlanta region is and realizes that these Atlanta airport transportation projects may help keep Atlanta growing.

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