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May 31, 2012

Atlanta Transmission

Having your transmission replaced is unpleasant and very expensive, yet many individuals overlook basic maintenance with this vital a part of their automobile. A transmission flush help keep your transmission working correctly and can conserve your funds on costly Atlanta transmission repair and replacements.

With time, the fluid in your transmission can be contaminated with dirt and debris. A flush will get rid of these contaminants, and your transmission can be refilled with clean fluid. You’ll be able to drain transmission fluid at home without having a flush, but this can usually leave behind a large amount of fluid within the cooling lines and torque converter. A transmission flush is critical to get a thorough cleaning and replacing your transmission fluid.

Transmission fluid doesn’t have to be changed usually; nevertheless the fluid levels should nevertheless be checked regularly to be sure that there aren’t any problems. Running your car or truck on ‘abnormal’ amounts of fluid can cause your motor vehicle to own problems shifting and can also damage the transmission. Look at transmission fluid regularly to be sure that the fluid level is relating to the two hatch marks. Also confirm the color. Atlanta transmission fluid ought to be a bright red. Whether it sets out to look brown, it’s have the fluid changed.


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