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July 13, 2012

Hiring the Services of Moving Companies in Atlanta

We are always concerned about the safety of our belongings while moving to a new place. To ensure this, you will have to look for moving companies Atlanta who are an expert in hassle free transportation of belongings and have a reputation for doing so without causing any damage. In case you are thinking of hiring professional Atlanta movers for this purpose, you are moving in right direction. Experienced professional movers are well trained to pack and shift your items safely. Once you are assured that your possessions are in safe hands, it will reduce your stress substantially.

Following these tips will enable you to shift your belongings stress-free:

1.      Keep payment ready – Many professional movers insist on taking the full cash payment, even before unloading a single box. Since you are normally expected to pay immediately on reaching the destination, do not wait for unloading of the truck. Keep the amount ready to avoid unnecessary delay.

2.       Exchange mobile numbers- As you cannot know what might happen on the way, it will be better to give your cell number to the driver of truck, and take his number so that you will be able to contact each other in an emergency, check the location of truck if need be, or to simply communicate with each other.

3.      Print clear directions – Both the driver and you should have the route maps with the important places clearly marked. You should give clear directions to the driver to avoid any confusion later on.

4.      Insurance: Before selecting a movers Atlanta company, it should be checked that the company is insured. But this does not mean that you along with whatever the insurance terms are. It needs to be understood that insurance coverage is not provided by the company but what they provide is just valuation coverage which does not function like an insurance coverage. What you opt for your move is the shipper’s declaration of the value of your belongings. What you get in case of a claim is this value. If you select “less depreciated value coverage”, what you would get in case of a claim is the value of your goods minus the depreciation amount for the replacement or repair of the goods. In case you want full value coverage, you will have to choose “full value” coverage in your paper work in connection with move and pay accordingly.

5.      Claim for damages: If you have to make a claim for the damages, you will have to ensure that the paper work you complete and sign for the move and on completion of the move, supports the damage you wish to claim for. In case the mover Atlanta gives out descriptive inventory, giving out the condition of the items before move and at completion of move, ensure that these conditions are accurate otherwise the claim will be denied to you. Suppose you make a claim for damages to a sofa but it has been listed as damaged in location, you would not be able to file a claim as it is already listed as damaged. You should keep in mind that this inventory is the most important document for the move. You have to be very careful at the time of completion of various documents so that you do not have any dispute with the mover subsequently.

Moving your belongings to a different location is best managed by an expert Atlanta mover company for minimal damages and timely movement.


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